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Petrochemical Industry
Atmospheric furnace, Decompression Furnace, Hydrogen production furnace, Cracking furnace, Hydrogenation furnace, Reforming furnace, Styrene furnace, Delayed coking oven, Methanol reformer, Ammonia converter.

Iron & Steel Industry

Annual furnace, Bell type furnace, Bogie furnace, Tempering furnace, Hardening furnace, Forging furnace, CSP line, Roller Hearth furnace

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Power Generation Industry
Power plant boiler, Steam turbine, Heat transmission pipeline, utility boiler, Steam Turbine, Water turbine, Alternator, Voltage transformer

Ceramics and glass industry
Roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln

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Cement Industry
Rotary Kiln, Wet-process kiln, Dry cement kiln, Hollow kiln

Non-ferrous Industry
Brazing furnace, Titanium alloy annealing furnace, Aluminium alloy aging solidfication furnace, Aluminium melting furnace, Electrolytic copper

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Environmental Protection Industry
Refuse incinerator, RTO, Desulfurization and denitration sintering furnace, RCO Regenerative catalytic furnace, CTO Catalytic oxidation furnace, TO Direct fired oxidation furnace

Carbon Industry
Carbon baking furnace, Graphitization kiln, Unicom fire path

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Vessel Fireproof Industry
Oceanic oil and gas pipeline fireproof, pipeline insulation, tunnel and shipbuilding industry fireproof

Transportation Industry
Bullet train roof insulation, New energy vehicle, Lithium battery insulation, Cold chain logistics insulation

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